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The Handmade Collective Since 2010
  • The Annual Handmade Collectives. Bangalore, Mumbai and Fort Kochi
  • The Monsoon Collective : Outreach
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The Handmade Collectives are a delightful community event that we hold every year. They really are  a culmination of our members work  from across India. A melting pot of craft,  ideas, sweat and a whole lot of laughter. The Collective often referred to as ‘The Bazaar’ by our patrons is the perfect place for one to bump into long lost friends bringing back the old Community Fete. A meeting ground of crafters, craft lovers, , the Annual Handmade Collective cuts across all communities and ages both with the crafters and the visitors.

True to A Hundred Hands’ mission, the collectives encourage a direct Crafter to Consumer interface, making every interaction more enriching. Where Crafters learn from consumers and consumers are exposed to the sweat, tears and joy that has gone into creating each unique product.

Usually held at the last week of November every year at the United Theological College, in Bangalore it is a 5-day event starting on a Wednesday and ending on a Sunday. A nominal entry fee of Rs 50, goes towards a deserving artist fund. 100% of the sales proceeds goes to the creators. We are also in Mumbai and Kochi towards Dec and Jan.

Every year the Annual Handmade Collective has a special theme, where crafters spend a serious amount of the year preparing their collections. A Christmas section is very popular to pick up your Xmas gifts and goodies.


We also have a special Monsoon Collective in July/ August in Bangalore at one of the suburbs of Bangalore, which serves as an outreach programme.

One of the special sections at the Annual Handmade Collective is the Dirty your Hands section. This is exclusively for children which allow them to explore their artistic side while also keeps them occupied while their parents go shopping at the show.

Our coffee mornings have continued to enthrall groups who want to know more about a particular craft- with a talk and a demonstration held. We have had Japanese calligraphers, Mosaic artists, Mughal Miniature paintings, Sanjhi Paper cutting sessions to name a few.

Our homemade food section encourages homemakers to come forward and share their recipes and specials making this section a very sought after one.




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